About us

Who we are.

We introduce ourselves as one of the pioneering people expertised in the field of Hitech Agriculture willing to take people a step ahead in newer path of scientific venture. With the limiting resources in agriculture we take new steps in introducing modern concepts succeeded in a corner of the world to take new dimensions in our country.

Expertised in constructing and running Poly Houses, basically naturally climate controlled having a variety of applications, the majority being, growing of vegetables and floriculture using grow bags with out soil. These opt to be very high productive and high income generative at any point of time throughout the year. Poly houses are tailored to get Yield increases by 5 - 10 times or even more.

In the advent of increasing urbanization in our country and consequent shrinking agricultural lands, labour and resource constraints, there exist a great gap between production and consumption. Roof gardening / terrace gardening / home gardening is one which will supply year round fresh vegetables, reduces expenditure on purchase of vegetables, effective utilization of space available at the roof top, relieve stress and strains while working in a roof garden and reduces the pollution by maintaining the greenery.

Besides advisory services on scientific interventions on Soil and water testing of farm lands and advising crop and water suitability, Ultra High Density planting of fruit trees, Land scaping in homes, institutes and corporate, Organic farming practices, Precision Farming techniques, Other allied agricultural Activities, Composting Technologies, Vermi composting and Agriculture oriented project preparations are being taken up for the upliftment of the community.

Soil and water testing of farm lands and advising crop and water suitability.

Ultra High Density planting of fruit trees.

Landscaping in homes, institutes and corporates.

Organic farming practices

Precision Farming techniques

Other allied agricultural Activities

Composting Technologies

Vermi composting

Agriculture oriented project preparations